RupertUp? Respond…One of the more silly names that we have come across for a professional product, but nonetheless, a product that we suspect might have widespread appeal for those medium to large employers who want the expertise of a clinician on call to assist them with everything from complex healthcare management, assistance with WSIB related illnesses, cognitive and emotional disorders, cancers or other lost time issues creating productivity related challenges for an employer.

The company was founded by Dr. Raymond Rupert and is premised on the notion that early intervention of a crisis situation leads to better patient outcomes, with minimum loss of productivity. This is a profound, yet simple and common sense approach to healthcare management.

By using a vast proprietary network of over 1,000 medical experts from various centers of excellence, international radiologists, a 24/7 bilingual call centre and electronic health records, Rupert Case Management is able to facilitate a quick diagnosis of a condition, expedited treatment and rehabilitation services.

The program assists with the coordination of services with the Provincial healthcare plans, but employers should expect to pay some portion of the expenses for services and case management.  Employers however have to weigh what it would cost to have their V.P. of Sales, C.O.O., C.E.O., etc. off work for 3 months versus perhaps only 1 month if they were able to access express MRI’s, CT’s, sonograms etc. that facilitated an early diagnosis and thus, faster treatment.

double digit health costs to presist

Mr. Rupert in a presentation to our firm cited a number of instances where Rupert Case Management was able to procure private MRI’s (costing less than $1,000)  at public hospitals in Toronto, within 48-72 hours after their firm was contracted to provide case management services.

Using electronic health records, those images, case workup and other relevant information can be placed in the hands of International treatment specialists in days, rather than months. Depending on the level of integration with provincial Medicare plans, private insurance plans, and the employer’s budget, decisions can be made whether to access treatment services domestically or abroad.

This program has similarities to the Best Doctors Program that provides second opinions, treatment alternatives and facilitation to ‘best doctors’ within a particular disease specialty. However, it appears that Rupert Case Management is much more ‘hands on’ and proactive than the Best Doctors program. This is because the business model is premised on a quick and orderly return to work solution for employees.

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