The health is wealth approach


Top 4 findings (from the Manulife/Ipsos Reid Health & Wealth Wellness Study - 2014) Based on the theory that health is wealth, Manulife Financial conducted research with Ipsos Reid to help their clients connect the dots between workplace productivity, health and financial wellness.  Below, they summarized the research into a few key findings: 1. Financially [...]

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Do You Have These Critical Answers?


In our insurance and financial planning practice, we are constantly amazed by the fact that many of our clients/ prospects do not have the answers to the most basic of planning/insurance principles. How do you shape up relative to our average client? Take a second to fill in this brief survey and let us discuss [...]

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At Times Like These…


The recent volatility in the equity markets have many of us frozen in fear. After realizing substantial losses in our RRSP’s, RESP’s, mutual fund and stock portfolios, it has become increasingly difficult for some to continue investing. A number of folks have fled from equity mutual funds to bonds or other fixed income investments (have [...]

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