Chris Price CEBS

Chris Pryce,CEBS

Founder and President, Human Capital Benefits

Chris is a group benefits professional with over twenty-five years of industry experience. He has an extensive understanding of the management of employee benefits programs from working with a wide range of employer groups. In the early days of his career, he worked as a technical analyst for various Toronto based Benefits Consulting firms and then at a large National Insurer as a business development manager.

In his current role as Founder and President of Human Capital Benefits, Chris works with a team of technical analysts and external support professionals – employment lawyers and actuaries in the management and design of self-funded and traditional benefit plans.

Chris has a strong belief in professional development. Not only is he a graduate of the University of British Columbia and the Faculty of Education, but he also earned his Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation (March 2001) from Dalhousie University.

Recently, Chris has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Tropicana Community Services organization, where he looks to assist with providing strategic direction and most importantly to “help” the organization navigate a digital transformation to aid in service delivery, to a vulnerable population of children and youth.

Curtis Blanchard

Zar Rumi

Employee Benefits Specialist

Zar is an Employee Benefits Specialist with over seven years of experience in the group benefits industry, across two continents. Prior to joining our team, he worked with an advisory firm in the Greater Toronto Area in a similar role. He has also worked for 2 of the largest insurance brokerage firms in the world.

Zar is constantly working to develop his analytical and problem-solving skills to provide our clients with exceptional service in the management of their benefit and retirement plans. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance, Zar brings with him a strong technical presence and a critical eye.

His goal in this and any future role with the firm, is to be a knowledgeable and effective professional member of our advisory team.