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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

What do you want to achieve by offering a benefits program to your members? Can you afford the promise? Have workers been engaged to find out what is important to them? Do members have “skin” in the game? We can use your expertise in the following areas to help you:

  • Group Insurance Consulting and Brokerage

  • Self-Funding / Insurance Solutions

  • Disability Management and Early Intervention

  • Foreign Worker’s and Expatriate Insurance

  • Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA)

  • Modular “Choice Based” Plan Designs

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Does an employer have an obligation beyond providing a paycheque? An organization that facilitates a deferred compensation arrangement and engages workers in the process will end up with a more productive, loyal and happier worker.

Is that good for the organization or its bottom-line? Let us use the following programs/services to help your organization achieve its objectives:

  • Group Retirement Plans for Small Group Employers

  • Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit Plans

  • Deferred Profit Sharing and Structured Retirement Plans

  • Independent, Unbiased and Investment Consulting

  • Pension Plan Governance

Professional Services

Individual Insurance

Individual Insurance

An organization’s life insurance program is essentially a burial benefit. A value added aspect for Plan Sponsors would be to allow us to discuss more encompassing solutions for members to address coverage gaps in the following areas:

  • Term or Permanent Insurance

  • Disability or Top Up Coverage

  • Critical Illness Solutions

  • Benefit Termination Options

  • Spousal and Dependent Insurance

Executive Insurance

Executive Insurance

Senior Management can have specific needs that cannot be met by the Employer Sponsored benefit plan. This can create gaps that would not exist with a proper risk management strategy. We can talk to key employees about the following:

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Funding

  • Insured Retirement Programs

  • Individual Pension Plans

  • Exec. Life Insurance & Disability

  • Wage Loss Replacement Programs

  • Creditor Proofing Assets

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