Human Capital Benefits provides benefit solutions for medium to large employers. The firm provides advice to a variety of organizations crossing between service and manufacturing sectors. Benefit solutions range from self-insurance to modular benefit design and administration. The firm was born out of vision. A vision in which companies and organizations of all sizes could benefit from a consultative approach to the management of group benefits.

Our goal is to use our expertise to identify the root cause of problems and to create solutions that will manage those problems over the long term. Many of our competitors attempt to solve grass root issues such as high utilization by “shopping plans”, only to find out that the same problem re-appears and this time has intensified.

Our consulting style is ideally suited to firms who appreciate “value added service”. They recognize that group insurance is simply one aspect of their overall compensation strategy and as such they recognize that commoditizing their group benefits plan by simply finding the cheapest benefits provider year after year; will ultimately do more damage, than good.

Affiliated Benefit Consultants

Part of ABC (Affiliated Benefit Consultants) Group which is comprised of 8 Employee Benefit and Pension Consulting member firms and practice leaders. This sophisticated group of professionals meet monthly to interview and dialogue with Industry Service Providers and Innovator firms.

Certified Employee Benefits Specialists

For tax advice, we recommend using an accountant and not your doctor. For benefits advice, a professional with a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation should be your first choice. Without the proper training, the management of a benefit plan is not something that should be handled by a broker placing and servicing general automotive insurance coverage.

As a CEBS graduate, the Principal consultant at Human Capital Benefits has passed through a broad university based curriculum and has demonstrated a mastery of knowledge covering all areas of employee benefits and compensation. The CEBS credential behind someone’s name distinguishes that individual as a person who knows benefits and compensation and is committed to a career in the field. It also shows that they have dedicated a considerable amount of personal time and effort towards serving, in the best possible manner, the interests of employers, plan participants and clients.

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