Canada Dental Benefit


(From People Corporation Partner Solutions) The proposed Canada Dental Benefit is the first phase of the government’s plan to provide dental coverage to low- and mid-income families. One third of Canadians don’t have dental insurance and, according to a 2018 Statistics Canada report, 39% of Canadians without dental insurance avoided the dentist because of the [...]

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Employee Benefit Plan Premium Relief – Coming as early as May


Yesterday, Sun Life was the first Insurer to announce that because of plan members inability to access Dental claims given COVID-19 mandated shutdowns of dental practices (and a subsequent move to emergency only services) that they were refunding their (non-refund/non self-funded) dental plans with a 50% premium credit retroactive to April.  This billing premium credit [...]

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Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy – Final


After being passed by Parliament and receiving Royal Assent over the weekend, the government has shared additional details on the federal 75 percent wage subsidy. Last week, the criteria for the program was “relaxed,” with just one major change coming from the weekend Parliamentary session. On Saturday, the opposition and government agreed to change the need to reapply [...]

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Critical Illness & Accident Benefits Taxable Jan. 2013


Both accident benefits and critical illness benefits are taxable as of Jan. 2013. As per the Federal Budget released in March 2012, and the Notice of Ways & Means motion on October 15, 2012, employer contributions to group accident benefits and sickness insurance plans will be a taxable benefit to employees across Canada beginning January 1, [...]

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Healthcare Costs – National Pooling Protection Plan for Catastrophic Drugs


To manage healthcare costs for catastrophic events, the CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health and Insurance Association) announced an agreement that calls for participating carriers to pool eligible drug claims in excess of a stipulated amount and to set customer premiums without including these pooled claims. For Plan Sponsors who have been impacted by employees/members who [...]

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