Drug Dispensing Fees – Ontario (July to Dec. 2017)


Although, these figures are historical (not released regularly), it is easy to see that Plan Sponsors should be encouraging plan members to be wise consumers and to look at the cost that pharmacist are charging for professional drug dispensing fees. Since guidelines were enacted a number of years ago, aimed at eliminating certain incentives/rebates to [...]

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2011 YTD Dispensing Fees Report – What It Tells Us About Professional Fees


Dispensing Fees Report for 2011 is out and it tells us a lot about professional fees in the healthcare industry. In reviewing the average dispensing fee report from Telus Health Solutions, a large National Pharmacy Drug Benefit Manager (PBM), there are some interesting themes that emerge. In contrasting this 6 month period (January 2011 to June 2011) [...]

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Ontario Average Dispensing Fee Report


Encouraging employees to make better choices about where they fill their prescriptions is one way to save money on drug plans. Employers are also finding wellness programs to be a valuable way to foster cost savings in their overall benefits programs. Read on to find more ways to cut costs in your benefits plan, as well as a current table of dispensing fees which can be distributed to your employees.

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Pharmacy Dispensing Fees in Ontario


As dispensing fees between pharmacies can vary widely, the displayed chart may prove valuable in helping you and your employees control costs covered by your benefits plan. We suggest this chart be posted for your employees’ reference. Below is the Ontario Summary Report conducted by TELUS Health Solutions January to June 2009. Download PDF version of [...]

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