Prescription Drug Coverage

PocketPills’ Virtual Pharmacy – (Game changer?)


PocketPills is an online service that delivers medications right to your door. What has widely been hailed as the ‘UberEats” of pharmacies, PocketPills’ free delivery of pharmaceuticals is an easy way to fill prescriptions and manage medications for consumers in Canada. The pharmaceutical distribution company based out of Surrey, B.C. has a primary goal of [...]

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Green Shield Canada 2014 Health Study


Recently, Green Shield Canada (GSC) came out with their 2014 Health Study.  This was an innovative look at the trends this large Insurer is seeing in their block of business.  The results have been sorted by age bands and includes health claims data; in addition to the more familiar drug data.  High level, we learned [...]

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Help Keep Your Prescription Drug Coverage Affordable


Your benefits plan includes prescription drug coverage – a significant part of your overall benefits package, especially when you consider that each year, approximately 1 in 3 claimants have drug expenses over $1,000 and 1 in 25 claim more than $5,000. Here are some tips from Great-West Life on how you can make purchasing decisions to help [...]

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