Innovative Medicines Canada – Private Drug Plan Cost Drivers Report – Advisory Group


Chris was invited to review and comment on the new IMC Cost Drivers Analysis of Private Drug Plans in Canada (2016-2019) with a handful of successful benefit consultants, in a series of virtual meetings.  The meeting was intended to get our input on the new data and to answer some focused questions on key findings [...]

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PocketPills’ Virtual Pharmacy – (Game changer?)


PocketPills is an online service that delivers medications right to your door. What has widely been hailed as the ‘UberEats” of pharmacies, PocketPills’ free delivery of pharmaceuticals is an easy way to fill prescriptions and manage medications for consumers in Canada. The pharmaceutical distribution company based out of Surrey, B.C. has a primary goal of [...]

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2019 AbbVie National Private Payer Ad Board


Human Capital Benefits participated in the AbbVie National Private Payer Advisory Board meetings in Toronto on October 22, 2019 at the InterContinental Hotel. The objective of the meeting  was to gain feedback/recommendations from a handful of select advisors, pharmacist and Insurer drug practice leaders on both product and policy issues that AbbVie faces in order [...]

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Canadian Leadership Council – 2019


Chris was invited to be a participant in the 2019 Canadian Leadership Council put on by Benefits Canada / TC Media at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto on Friday, May 31, 2019. The event brought together approximately 40 industry consultants/advisors, pharmacy, drug reps and industry association leaders from across Canada to discuss a [...]

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Drug Dispensing Fees – Ontario (July to Dec. 2017)


Although, these figures are historical (not released regularly), it is easy to see that Plan Sponsors should be encouraging plan members to be wise consumers and to look at the cost that pharmacist are charging for professional drug dispensing fees. Since guidelines were enacted a number of years ago, aimed at eliminating certain incentives/rebates to [...]

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