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Virtual Healthcare is revolutionizing the industry


How plan sponsors are really stepping up on behalf of their members In this digital dimension we are now immersed in, web-based mental-health care is rapidly becoming more advanced and is catering to the evolving needs of the modern workforce. With studies suggesting that up to 70% of doctors’ visits can be handled virtually, online health-care [...]

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Green Shield Canada 2014 Health Study


Recently, Green Shield Canada (GSC) came out with their 2014 Health Study.  This was an innovative look at the trends this large Insurer is seeing in their block of business.  The results have been sorted by age bands and includes health claims data; in addition to the more familiar drug data.  High level, we learned [...]

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Health and Wellness Directory


The 2011 Health and Wellness Directory, produced by Desjardins Financial Security, provides information about health-related organizations and the resources they offer to employers and employees. This useful guide also includes a two-page calendar of health and wellness events for the coming 12 months to help you find events of interest in your community. The link to this guide can be accessed here: [...]

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