Helping Successful Businesses Build Better Benefits Plans

Helping Businesses Build Better Benefits Plans

Employee Benefits

Determining how to fund the benefit promise made to member’s is the biggest challenge faced by Plan Sponsors and their Advisors.

Focus is often misdirected at the resulting claims, rather than at the initial "open-ended" promise. Helping manage the ‘promise’ made by plan sponsors is where we add the most value.

Retirement Programs

Worker’s today are more sophisticated and productive than ever. In a career, one will likely have many different employers.

Keeping your workers engaged, motivated and productive can have profound consequences on an organization. Let us manage a retirement program within your budget, that says; "we care.”

Individual & Executive Insurance

Benefit and Retirement programs are not one size fits all solutions. How do you engage Senior Management to drive results?

Our risk assessment outlines ‘gaps’ in coverage that we use ‘Insurance’ to fill. This includes recommendations for disability top up, buy-sell funding, key person or business overhead insurance.

Human Capital Benefits has partnered with YouTube sensation, Dr. Mike Evans (Evans Health Lab), to integrate WELLNESS strategies through engaging informational whiteboards and other media, in support of client initiatives. We want to increase awareness and engagement at the member level in an entertaining and educational way. One such content example is, “Make Your Day Harder”.

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Total Living Care: Group Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is one of Canada’s fastest growing benefits, gaining popularity in nearly every sector. It is an important benefit for the financial and physical wellbeing of your employees in the face of incredibly common ailments.

As more employers adopt this cornerstone product, the question shifts from “do I need critical illness insurance” to “which product is right for me?”

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An Advisor’s Take: Handling A Benefits Plan Crisis


Recently, we met with a plan sponsor looking at structural issues in their plan that contributed to continually rising costs.

In the face of these costs, the company marketed its plan regularly. What it found was that it did not take long after changing insurers for the new insurer’s once generous pricing offer to reverse course and to continue the upward ascent of previous price escalations.

"Chris is caring and a committed professional who listens to you and respond with timely and relevant material and professional products. We are pleased to be part of this cooperative partnership."

Gino Lombardi
President & Owner
CashTech Currency Products

"Human Capital Benefits approached my company many years go with a better alternative for our group benefits. Our staff are satisfied with their coverage, we are confident that our medical & financial needs are met."

Laura Moses
Accounts Manager
Metro Hardware & Maintenance

"Staff are the lifeline of any great organization and having confidence that their medical needs are being met is extremely important. Likewise, as a not for profit arts service organization managing our costs is paramount."

Emma Quin
Executive Director
Ontario Crafts Council