To provide an accurate employee group benefits quotation for your organization, the Insurance marketplace requires information on employees that is private and confidential. This includes their salaries, age, marital/dependent status, job description and length of service with your organization.

The information is used to identify risk factors for each employee. The insurance company will set a rate for each employee (based on age, gender, job etc.) from which a composite rate is calculated. The composite is the rate your organization would pay for the insurance coverage. The information is used for no other purpose.

Some employers feel reluctant to divulge such information. In addition, the new privacy legislation, Bill C6, regulates how such information can be used or disseminated for commercial purposes without an employee’s permission.

Therefore, when completing employee data for our review, we do not require that you identify the employee by name but rather by an initial or number (1,2,3,4 etc.). This will allow us to provide you with accurate information without identifying any individuals.