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Pre-Paid Legal


  Until recently, only the wealthiest Canadians could afford to keep a lawyer on retainer. Now, there is another way to access legal services, but at a fraction of the cost. For a monthly fee ($18.50 to $24.95), Pre-Paid Legal will cover a variety of legal services, such as; legal consultation and advice, letters and [...]

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Expanded disability benefits following childbirth


  To remain eligible for benefits, an employee's coverage must be inforce at the start of disability. Most plan sponsors are aware that they are mandated to continue benefit coverage for the full duration of an employee’sr Maternity/Paternity leave, as long as the employee continues to fulfill their commitment as relates to any premium cost sharing with the employer. [...]

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Double Digit Health Costs to Persist


A recent nationwide survey of Insurers and Blue Cross agencies released by a major international consultant, concluded that health care costs increases for 2008 versus 2007 will range between 13% to 14%. Dental care (based on increased utilization and provincially set fee guides) should rise between 7% - 11% this year. These trends remain high [...]

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