2019 Sanofi Healthcare Survey: Identifying gaps for a changing workforce


The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey is an annual report that strives to shed light on topics including workplace wellness, health concerns and the impact of chronic disease. The report tries to identify and address the changes needed from both plan members and sponsors for a healthy workforce. This annual report surveyed 1,505 plan members and [...]

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Using Health Spending Accounts


How Do Health Spending Accounts Work? Plan members can be reimbursed from their Health Spending Accounts for deductibles, coinsurance amounts, or amounts in excess of plan maximums that would otherwise be paid out-of-pocket. Funds in a Health Spending Account can also be used to pay for items not covered under an employee’s health or dental plan [...]

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The health is wealth approach


Top 4 findings (from the Manulife/Ipsos Reid Health & Wealth Wellness Study - 2014) Based on the theory that health is wealth, Manulife Financial conducted research with Ipsos Reid to help their clients connect the dots between workplace productivity, health and financial wellness.  Below, they summarized the research into a few key findings: 1. Financially [...]

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