Why Waiving Dental Co-payments is a “No, No”


Although dental coverage today is different from true “insurance”, in that the plan sponsors pay for all the claims members use, plus an administration fee to the Insurer, dental coverage is viewed consistently as one of the most important and highly desirable aspects of an employee benefit plan. Recently, dentistry has been under scrutiny. Insurers [...]

Why Waiving Dental Co-payments is a “No, No”2020-02-02T15:50:19+00:00

PocketPills’ Virtual Pharmacy – (Game changer?)


PocketPills is an online service that delivers medications right to your door. What has widely been hailed as the ‘UberEats” of pharmacies, PocketPills’ free delivery of pharmaceuticals is an easy way to fill prescriptions and manage medications for consumers in Canada. The pharmaceutical distribution company based out of Surrey, B.C. has a primary goal of [...]

PocketPills’ Virtual Pharmacy – (Game changer?)2019-12-02T16:12:06+00:00

Partnering for drug plan sustainability


With the drug plan landscape continuing to shift and the idea of sustainability hanging in the balance, managing costs and value for the plan members is what is ultimately at risk. The 2019 Canadian Leadership Council on Drug Plan Partnerships recently hosted a roundtable discussion on the drug benefit and how it is an ongoing [...]

Partnering for drug plan sustainability2019-10-17T19:58:14+00:00

Why the drug pricing changes in Canada is a bold step forward


Canadians currently pay some of the highest drug prices in the world. We pay close to 25% more than the median price than people in other developed countries for the exact same drugs; only United States and Switzerland pay more. Thus, the Canadian Government decided that something had to be done to contain costs. In [...]

Why the drug pricing changes in Canada is a bold step forward2019-09-11T17:06:16+00:00

Mandatory Generic Drugs and Patient Choice Cards


The use of Patient Choice (manufacturer copay assistance/coupon cards) is gaining traction. By using these discount cards, plan members can greatly reduce or eliminate their out of pocket expenses for certain brand drugs. Benefit plans that are structured appropriately will force the drug manufacturer to absorb the additional costs of the brand drug (often 5X [...]

Mandatory Generic Drugs and Patient Choice Cards2019-08-19T14:06:27+00:00
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