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Are you ready? OHIP+ Amendments Take Effect April 1st


The OHIP+ program, which has offered free prescription medication to all Ontarians under the age of 24 since January 1st, 2018, will undergo changes at the end of March. Teens and young adults under the age of 24 with private health benefits will no longer be eligible to receive free prescriptions through OHIP+. Children and youth 24 [...]

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Wrongful Dismissal Update: Recent Case Law Increases Legal Uncertainty


Posted with permission of Doug MacLeod, January 17, 2019  Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for employment lawyers to assess an employer’s potential legal liability in connection with an employee termination. The law is pretty straightforward but predicting how a judge will apply the law to a specific termination is riddled with legal uncertainty. A recent case involving a [...]

Wrongful Dismissal Update: Recent Case Law Increases Legal Uncertainty2019-01-17T19:02:59+00:00

Bill 47 – Changes coming for Ontario Employers


As you may be aware, there have been changes within the Employment Standards Act.  Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018 has repealed and/or replaced most of the changes that were to come January 1, 2019. The notes below will help you understand the updated changes. For further information please read online Legislative [...]

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Workplace Harassment


Did you know if an employee is harassed within your workplace, you can be found liable? In recent events, one of our HR Services supplier Eclipse EIO dealt with a situation where an employee was harassed within the workplace. One of the owners of the company harassed one of the workers at the company, resulting [...]

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OHIP+ and private payer impact


As published in Benefits Canada Online Although a national pharmacare strategy seems elusive, the Ontario government is making a fairly aggressive investment in that area by spending $465 million to boost its provincial drug coverage by covering residents under age 25 and from 65 onwards. The program, known as OHIP+, begins Jan. 1, 2018. Children [...]

OHIP+ and private payer impact2018-04-17T15:54:34+00:00
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