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Quick Facts – Prescription Drug Costs


The cost of prescription drugs and biologics is one of largest health care expenses that employers incur. Here are some interesting facts to consider when planning your business' health care budget: The National Drug Trend in 2010 was +2.8%. The average national spend per claimant was $757. In Ontario, the average was $764 per claimant. There was an [...]

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Firms should deal with absentees


Jobs don't have to be held open indefinitely if an employee cannot do the work. By Howard Levitt, of Levitt LLP. This article originally appeard in Postmedia News on October 8, 2010. Paralyzed by fear of human rights and harassment complaints, workers' compensation applications and other litigation, Canadian employers and their legal counsel often ignore [...]

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Results of Survey Show Employees Not Happy


A recent survey conducted by Mercer’s entitled “What’s Working” collected responses from 30,000 workers in 17 countries, including more than 2,000 in Canada. Here’s what they found: 36% of Canadian workers are seriously considering leaving their organization, up sharply from 26% in 2006 22% are indifferent about leaving but are increasingly dissatisfied with their employers [...]

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